About Difverent

“Normal” people look different to people that are “different”, “different” people look different to people that are “normal”. At the end of the day everybody is difverent and unique. Stay true to who you are in your own beautiful way.

The Company

Difverent is established in 2023 and based in Zaandam, Netherlands.

Jason Hoost, the creator of Difverent always felt different growing up and still to this day. In 2023 he got diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. This explained everything for him going through life.  

He is very creative and wants to do everything all at the same time. Focusing on one thing is a real challenge. He always had a passion for clothing but wanted to create something that has a message as well. This is why this company probably is managed differently than other companies.

Difverent is a combination of different and diversity. The clothing is basic, unisex and heavy quality. Everybody is different in it’s own way. So it’s not about the clothing itself being different but being for everybody.

Our Mission

Sending out a message that no matter how different you feel, the way you look at others or they look at you, be your beautiful you. Always!

Creating awareness with this message is the mission.


Our Vision

Our vision through this brand is making people come together, connect and celebrate being you.

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